Quantmetriks on Trend – Australian Financial Review – 4th February 2014

Article on the founding of QMG and it’s focus on macro-economic data being used to unearth trends within various industries in order to find new investment opportunities.

Quantmetriks on trend – AFR article – 4th February 2014


FCA issues rules on dealing commissions – 8th May 2014

Article regarding new rules from the Financial Conduct Authority that states client dealing commissions for research should only be for “substantive research”. This bodes well for the QMG product that is based on facts as opposed to subjective analysis.

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Equity research income set for 50% crash – 11th May 2014

Dealing commissions across the UK and rest of Europe set to decline after regulatory review.  A trend that is expected to spread globally and increases the need for higher quality research products. The subjective insights of the past will no longer be good enough.

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Sellside research: price for thought – Financial Times – 29th December 2014

Transparency within the research community is going to provide much more opportunity for the boutique research firm, and that’s not a bad thing at all, especially if you’ve got good insights.

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Be careful with that commissions axe on investment research – Financial Times – 31st October 2014

Article on the unbundling of commissions in the investment research community  and how this is going to increase the demand for much more high quality research than has been given in the past. This bodes well for QMG’s research which is founded on the premise that facts are stubborn and provide higher quality insights than subjective analysis.

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The active fund management model is not fit for purpose – Financial Times – 20th February 2015

Article by John Authers about the decline of active funds management. It’s a trend the QMG have known about for some time and the very reason our insights can be more valuable than the subjective analysis on the street. QMG’s analysis is based on fact not fiction and as this trend gets stronger so too will the demand for real insights.

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