QMG Weekender – 14 May 2016

Last night capped off a disappointing week for US Retailers (their worst since the GFC). It saw Macy’s (M US) fall 15% in one day on the back of disappointing results. Kohl’s (KSS US) were similar, falling over 9% and Fossil Group (FSL US) were down -29% in a day. The shifting demand of consumers to more online purchases and… Read more →

NYTimes Article: The Robots are coming for Wall St

Great story from the New York Times on the increasing capabilities provided by smarter software. This is a topic that resonates quite highly with us at QMG and our approach to data analyses. We have built processes and capabilities that allows us to get access to data faster and crunch the numbers and automate our analyses more effectively. Some of the… Read more →

Missing dials/gauges?

The QMG Online app is powered by Qlikview technology (for more info on the software click here). We use it’s associative technology engine to link various data sources, crunch vast amounts of data and cover it with an easy to use interface for users. It means that when making filtered selections you get to see what you’ve clicked on/selected (GREEN),… Read more →

Sharing Sessions

Using the QMG Online app (powered by Qlikview) you can access our unique collaborative features and share your analysis with others much as you might share your desktop in a Webinar/WebEx session. This unique collaborative experience is only available to our subscribers and here is how to activate it.   1) Once you have logged in to the application,click on the ‘Share… Read more →