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There have been a number of articles recently that have piqued our interests at QMG. Specifically because they refer to the rise and importance that is being placed on big data and technology in the investments community. This sees a lot more companies utilise the widespread availability of data as well as the hiring of prominent data-scientists to further build out capabilities in this industry.

Here are a few of the articles that we see as trending at the moment:


Big Data and what it might meant to Investment Managers 

56 enterprises will increase their investment in big data over the next three years

The rise of insight driven business

Cohen’s Point72 hires 30 people for big data investing


At QMG we have been firm believers in the power of Big Data to uncover investment insights and continue to add to our database every day.

We see many more companies also coming up in this space with various angles of attack on how to decipher the volumes of data out there. All of this guides users to make better decisions with their investments.

Whether they are crowd-sourced earnings (EPS and Revenue) estimates like Estimize, or open-source financial analysis tools like ThinkNum and charting tools like ChartIQ

QMG’s angle? Fact-based insights that give our clients a solid foundation upon which to build their financial insights. Why is this good? Because it relies on big data/official statistics collected from official national sources AND the companies we care about report those numbers. Certainly an opportunity to gain valuable insights from what we see.

So contact us here at QMG if you’re keen to see our points of view on either the markets (like the United States below):



Or how our sector level data relates to stocks that you might care about:



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