Missing dials/gauges?

The QMG Online app is powered by Qlikview technology (for more info on the software click here). We use it’s associative technology engine to link various data sources, crunch vast amounts of data and cover it with an easy to use interface for users. It means that when making filtered selections you get to see what you’ve clicked on/selected (GREEN),… Read more →

Sharing Sessions

Using the QMG Online app (powered by Qlikview) you can access our unique collaborative features and share your analysis with others much as you might share your desktop in a Webinar/WebEx session. This unique collaborative experience is only available to our subscribers and here is how to activate it.   1) Once you have logged in to the application,click on the ‘Share… Read more →

Sally Beauty Holdings (SBH US) – encouraging 2Q results

Company: Sally Beauty Holdings (SBH US) QMG product view: POSITIVE (US52.33 – Retailers of cosmetic & toilet goods) Event: Q2 15 Results Highlights: Revenue: $937.8m (+2% yoy) Operating income: $130.5m (+4.2% yoy) Operating margin: +38bps to 16% Same store sales growth of 5.9% versus 2.2% in Q2 14 QMGI comment: This is an encouraging set of Q2 results from Sally Beauty Holdings (+3%),… Read more →

US Housing – a look through at the key drivers

QMG data provides a positive read on the current state of the US housing market. Although recent activity data has been mixed – housing starts below expectations in each of past two months, but existing home sales better – the positive volume growth highlighted by QMG data is a theme that investors should take an interest in. Indeed, chart 1 shows that our… Read more →