Missing dials/gauges?

The QMG Online app is powered by Qlikview technology (for more info on the software click here). We use it’s associative technology engine to link various data sources, crunch vast amounts of data and cover it with an easy to use interface for users.

It means that when making filtered selections you get to see what you’ve clicked on/selected (GREEN), what’s related to that selection (WHITE) and also what is not related (GREY). This means you have a compass/reference point wherever you navigate around the app.



Sometimes though, making selections in 1 part can deselect other non-related sections – if this happens you might get behaviour like dials/gauge charts that show up blank like this:



If that happens click on the PERIOD filter (top left hand side) and you may find that everything is in white. This means no time period has been selected.

You can select a time period by clicking on the 5 or 10 year buttons, selecting manually from the list boxes or entering a start and end date in the entry boxes.

Having GREEN on the chart indicates you have made selections:





If you have made period selections you will be able to see the dials/gauges re-appear:



If a number of periods are selected and you still get no dial then click either the 5 year or 10 year button and you will get the dials.



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