QMG Best Ideas app instructions

1) Getting started – go to our website….www.qmgi.com




2) From the “Log In” drop down menu on top right hand corner of the page select “QMG Best Ideas”




3) This then opens up another dialogue box asking for your username and password (you will only have to do this once – it will remember you the next time!)




4) Now you are in – and should have arrived at a starting page that looks like this….




5) Within the app you can choose to view either our Long or Long short portfolios via these menu buttons on the top of the page



6) You can also choose either Period or Data filters on the left hand side – clicking on each button the first time generates the pop up filter, click on the button again to minimise it.

Data filter

Data Filter


Period filter

We have our period filter split into the Statistical reference period (eg USA statistics for January 2016 would be 31/1/2016) as well as the Open/Close dates.

The Open/Close dates are per region as various agencies release their data at different times.

You can highlight either to showcase the desired period.

Period Filter


7) You can then choose the view mode between Charts (as in above charts) or List.

Chart type modifier




Chart Type


8) In List mode we a table shows the ideas our system generates automatically each month (without any portfolio construction)



9) To view our latest ideas for the USA for example – click on the Data filter and choose your region (step 6). Then select from the Period filter (step 6) and choose the latest statistical period we cover (in the USA, January 2016 data is available on the 22nd February). Once you’ve done this make your chart type a List (see Step 8). You can repeat this for other countries to see our latest data or choose multiple months to see historical results.

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