Sharing Sessions

Using the QMG Online app (powered by Qlikview) you can access our unique collaborative features and share your analysis with others much as you might share your desktop in a Webinar/WebEx session.

This unique collaborative experience is only available to our subscribers and here is how to activate it.


1) Once you have logged in to the application,click on the ‘Share session’ button at the top of the page.



2) Then click on ‘Start Sharing’



3) You can either click on the ‘Email this link’ hyperlink or copy and paste the invitation details and send to participants.



You will be able to see once others have joined the session, the number of participants will be listed.

To see more about this feature check out this video from Qlikview reseller Thorogood BI: 


This shows a collaborative session between 2 users – 1 on their desktop computer and another on an iPad.


Here’s another video showing off the collaboration features:

In this video the dekstop is shared between multiple iPads.


The session sharing allows users to all interact with the same application and is only available after invitation from a licensed user. The session also only stays alive whilst the main user is active. This feature can be very useful for meetings (everyone can bring in their iPad or laptop) and makes for great interactive discussions with teams across different geographic regions.


For more information email us at [email protected]



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